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JLLC «Medvatpharm» is a belarusian producer of top-quality medical cotton wool. The company works on medical products market more than 10 years, has successfully established itself among domestic and foreign consumers.

Medical products

Medical cotton and flax wool is produced in strictly accordance with GOST 5556-81 «Medical absorbent cotton wool. Technical conditions». Medical wool contains long fibers, instantaneously absorb liquid completely hypoallergenic and can be used in any medical and cosmetic purposes.

Sanitary-hygienic products

Medvatpharm produces sanitary products from cotton — cotton pads, cotton buds, cotton balls, dental rolls. All products for medical and sanitary purposes are made from 100% natural materials — cotton and linen fiber, using a chlorine-free bleaching technology.


JVLLC «Medvatpharm» produces high quality liquid soaps for medical purposes and consumers. Disinfecting and cleaning agents for medical institutions and industrial companies are available at a price and are not inferior to foreign analogues in quality.