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Cotton pads

We make unsterile and sterile cotton pads with effect of "the stitched edge". For achievement of high whiteness the environmentally friendly technology of a bleaching of cotton fiber by hydrogen peroxide, without chlorine is used. Cotton pads well absorb moisture, don't leave short fibers, don't cause irritation of skin. All characteristics of pads are proved by method of laboratory and clinical researches.

They are densely punched at the edges by strokes. In this regard, edges of pads aren't stratified, disks don't connect among themselves and are always taken from packing on one. Pads are densely pressed in packing that does packing smaller and compact.

We make cotton pads: medical, cosmetic and for children.

Medical cotton pads differ in the fact that are made of medical hygroscopic cotton wool ophthalmic, surgical and hygienic, cotton and cotton-linen. Cotton medical hygroscopic wool in pads is registered by the Ministry of Health of The Republic of Belarus.

Cosmetic and children's cotton pads are made of a cotton nonwoven cloth.

Cotton pads for children have passed special tests and are safe in use on care of children. They are registered in The Centre of Standardization, Metrology and Certification of The Republic of Belarus as safe children's production.

Cotton pads are applied in medical, cosmetic and other purposes.

Packing options
Weight of one pad of 0,4-0,5 g.
Quantity in packing: 80 pcs, 100 pcs, 120 pcs.
In coordination with the consumer other packing is possible.

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