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Dental cotton rolls

We manufacture dental cotton rolls unsterile and sterile of medical hygroscopic surgical cotton wool.

For achievement of high whiteness the environmentally friendly technology of a bleaching of cotton fiber by hydrogen peroxide, without chlorine is used.

Dental cotton rolls sterilized by a steam method that allows to keep sterility of a product within 5 years.

Possessing a full cycle of production, own certified laboratory and quality management system with requirements of ISO 9001-2009, we control each fabrication stage of production, and we guarantee its high quality.

Cotton rolls are intended for dental procedures. They have the necessary density and flexibility, high absorbency, don't contain chemical additives, are convenient in application and are comfortable for the patient.

 Distinctive properties of our dental cotton rolls:
- 100% cotton,
- high capillarity and absorbing ability,
- lack of foreign impurity,
- don't cause irritation of skin,
- long fibers,
- always neutral RN-environment,
- bleached without chlorine,
- keeps sterility of 5 years. 

Packing options
Dental cotton rolls are manufactured in size 8х36, 9х37, 10х38 mm in packing on 300 g, 500 g.
In coordination with the consumer rolls can be manufactured of other sizes and packing.