Language: Rusian

Liquid soap "Phytolife"

    • Light aloe fragrance

      • Hypoallergenic

        • Proper for everyday use

        It is designed for hand skin care with good cleaning and sanitizing effect, efficient in use. It is recommending to be used for domestic purposes, in hospitals, food public places, hotels, at food industry (milk-, fish-, meat processing, confectionary industry, bakery, municipal services, beer and non-alcoholic drinks, etc) at the    industries (poultry farms, live farming, pig breeding), municipal services (hairdress’s, cosmetic salons, beauty salons, etc) infant schools and schools, social institutes.

        Medvatpharm liquid soap advantages:
        - Optimized synergic mixture of surface-active substance which provide the soap with the excellent cleaning properties;
        - The soap contains softening components: glycerin, chamomile extract; aloe extract which take care of skin.
        Chamomile extract has the antiphlogistic, antiallergic, softening, moisturizing, sedative and cicatrizing.
        Aloe extract allows to care effectively the skin of all types.
        - The dense consistence allows to use it for any domestic use;
        - The composition at the label is strictly correspond to the requirements of the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients – INCI;
        - The liquid soap is produced in accordance with technical requirements of the Economic Union “Perfume and cosmetic safeness” (TR TS 009/2011) which is confirmed by the conformity declaration.

        The line of liquid soap “Phitolife” can be added with other perfume.

        - Bottle with dozer 1l;
        - Bottle without dozer 1l, 5l.

        It is possible to agree with the customer other types of packing.