Language: Rusian

Medical bandage

Medical bandage fixing knitted with the treated edge, are made different sizes, sterile and unsterile.

Each party is tested in own laboratory and confirms compliance of production to requirements of STB 2144-2010 "Bandage medical. General specifications.".

Purpose of bandage: is intended for application in healthcare institutions at delivery of health care, when performing surgeries, for ensuring protection of a wound against an infection, a stop of bleeding, cleaning of integuments, fixing of wound bandages and changes and also for use as dressing means by the population, etc.

Distinctive properties of bandage:
- is made of 100% of cotton of the premium bleached without chlorine, doesn't cause allergic reactions;
- consists of natural and air-permeable material which accelerates process of healing of wounds;
- high area density and hygroscopicity of bandage increase the absorbing properties of a bandage;
- not showered edges exclude hit of fibers and threads in a wound, increase comfort when using, give an esthetic look to a bandage;
- it is irreplaceable for fixing of wound bandages on the surfaces of a body with an uneven relief, subject to the movement (knee, elbow and other joints).