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Medical cotton-linen wool

We produce medical hygroscopic unsterile and sterile cotton-linen wool of two types: surgical and hygienic.

Medical hygroscopic surgical cotton-linen wool is produced from linen and mixes of cotton and linen fiber in various proportions. Cotton-linen wool is made on new technology of a bleaching, without use of chlorine, developed by in common Belarusian, German and Italian scientists-chemists. Medical hygroscopic cotton-linen wool has passed laboratory and clinical researches, and is registered by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Belarus.

Medical cotton-linen wool has the same properties, as cotton wool, but surpasses it in some properties. Linen fibers contain natural fenolkarbon acids which have bactericidal and antimicrobic properties, which increases hygroscopicity, good heat conductivity and air permeability. Curative properties of a linen remain after his heat treatment in the course of cotton wool production. It's irreplaceable features are important in treatment of wounds, when imposing compresses and plaster bandages, on care of bed patients. Also, it is applied in other medical purposes, as well as cotton wool.

The full cycle of production, own laboratory and quality management system with requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 guarantee high quality of cotton-linen wool.

Sterile cotton-linen wool is wrapped in brown paper, wound with thread, packed into parchment and cotton-linen wool sterilized by a steam method.This way allows to keep sterility of cotton-linen wool within 5 years.

Distinctive properties of cotton-linen wool:
- antimicrobic and bactericidal properties of linen,
- high capillarity and absorbing ability,
- good heat conductivity and air permeability,
- lack of foreign impurity,
- don't cause irritation of skin,
- long fibers,
- high degree of whiteness,
- always neutral PH-environment,
- bleached without chlorine,
- keeps sterility for 5 years.

Packing and packing:
- rolls on 25 g, 50 g, 100 g, 200 g, 250 g;
- in the form of the film ZIG-ZAG on 50 g, 100 g;
- piles on 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg.
In coordination with the consumer other packing is possible.

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