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Medical cotton wool

Medical cotton wool hygroscopic unsterile and sterile is produced from 100% of cotton fiber 1-3 grades. Possessing a full cycle of production, own certified laboratory and quality management system with requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009, we control each stage of production, and we guarantee it's high quality. For achievement of high whiteness the environmentally friendly technology of a bleaching of cotton fiber by hydrogen peroxide, without chlorine is used. Sterile cotton wool is wrapped in brown paper, wound with thread, packed into parchment and is sterilized by a steam method. This way allows to keep sterility of cotton wool within 5 years.

Medical cotton wool is registered by the Ministry of Health of The Republic of Belarus and The Russian Federation.

Distinctive properties of our medical cotton wool:
- high capillarity (85-89 mm), 
- good absorbing ability (26-28 g),
- lack of foreign impurity,
- long fibers,
- always neutral PH-environment,
- sterile cotton wool is packed into parchment, sterilized by a steam method and keeps an expiration date for 5 years.

We produce medical cotton wool hygroscopic of all types:  ophthalmic, surgical and hygienic.