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Hygienic cotton wool (Economy)

We produce medical hygroscopic hygienic sterile and unsterile cotton wool. Hygienic cotton wool is made of cotton fiber with addition of cotton waste, on technology of a bleaching without chlorine.

Distinctive properties of our cotton wool:
- 100% cotton,
- high capillarity and absorbing ability,
- lack of foreign impurity,
- always neutral PH-environment,
- minimum quantity of short fibers (no more than 0,15%),
- bleached without chlorine,
- keeps sterility for 5 years.

Medical hygroscopic hygienic cotton wool is applied in medical, cosmetic, household and other purposes.

Packing options:
- rolls on 50 g, 100 g, 250 g;
- piles on 1 kg.
In coordination with the consumer other packing is possible.

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