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Cotton wool balls

We manufacture the cotton wool balls from the medical gyroscopic ophthalmic, surgical and hygienic made of cotton and cotton-linen wool. The cotton wool balls can be sterilized and not sterilized.

The full manufacturer cycle, ISO 9001-2015 Management System, own certified laboratory – all these allows to control each step of the production and guarantee its high quality.

- 100% cotton;
- high capillarity and high absorption level;
- strange admixtures absence;
- do not causes skin irritations;
- long fibers;
- constantly neutral PH level;
- bleached without chlorine.

The cotton wool balls are used for medical cosmetic and other purposes.

One pad weight is 0,4-0,5 g;
One pack is 25g, 50g, 200g – not sterilized; 5 pcs – sterilized.

It is possible to agree with the customer other types of packing.

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