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Dental cotton rolls

We manufacture dental cotton rolls sterilized and not sterilized made of absorbent medical surgery cotton wool.

To achieve the high whiteness level, the bleaching technology without chlorine is used.

The dental cotton rolls are sterilized by steam. This method allows to keep them sterilized for 5 years’ period.

The full manufacturer cycle, ISO 9001-2015 Management System, own certified laboratory – all these allows to control each step of the production and guarantee its high quality.

The rolls are purposed for dental treatment, they are of necessary density, flexibility and have the high absorption level, do not have any chemical additives. They are comfort for the patient.


- 100% cotton;
- high capillarity and high absorption level;
- strange admixtures absence;
- do not causes skin irritations;
- long fibers;
- constantly neutral PH level;
- bleached without chlorine;
- kept sterilized for the 5 years’ period.

Dental rolls are made of sizes 8*36, 9*37, 10*38 mm in 300g, 500g packs.
The dental rolls can be made of other sizes and in different packs if required by the customer.