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Medical bandage

The medical fixated tied bandage with finished edge are manufactured of different sizes, sterilized and not sterilized.

The full  manufacturer cycle, ISO 9001-2015 Management System, own certified laboratory – all these allows to control each step of the production and guarantee its high quality.

Bandage purpose:
It is to be used in the hospitals for medical treatment, surgery, to provide safeness from infections, bleeding stoppage, cleaning of skin surface, fixation of traumatic bandage and also for using as dressing out of hospitals.

Bandage properties:
- Made of 100% cotton of the highest sort, do not cause the allergically reaction;
- Made of natural material with good air permeability which speeds up the wound healing;
- High surface density and absorbability of the material increase the bandage absorbing properties;
- Finished edge exclude the threads coming into the wound, increase the comfort level while using and looks esthetically;
- Cannot be substituted while using as traumatic bandage on the body’s uneven relief (knee and elbow joint etc.).

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